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Rafik: Online legal services

We are an online legal technology development and consulting integrator that seeks to facilitate processes, business operations and prevention of legal risks for entrepreneurs and companies in Mexico.

Our promise

  • Become the ally that protects your business while you dedicate yourself to your operations
  • We will facilitate all your legal processes
  • Through data we will give you the certainty needed to make decisions
  • Have the best team of lawyers and developers at your disposal

What do we advise you on?

Here at Rafik we’ve created Rafik INHOUSE, a deployment of solutions that seek to serve the needs of Mexican businesses and those that wish to settle here, covering various industries at an affordable cost.

Rafik INHOUSE - Individuals

The solution you need if you operate as a legal Person with Business Activity or are under a similar tax regime. We will support you to prevent the risks that you can have down the line, as well as if you decide to transit a legal entity

Rafik INHOUSE - legal entities

The solution for your company once it is incorporated, under the corporate name you have. We will help you take care of your legal risks, in the creation or maintenance of the corporate secretariat, among many other things. This product adjusts to the operation of your business.

Other services

Outside our offered plans, we can support you in any legal issue or situation that your company has at the moment. We have participated in Acquisitions and Mergers, IPOs, foreign investments, among other projects.

Our reach

We know and master the current needs of businesses like yours. Based on this, we designed a range of specialized options that cover many areas of your operation.


Our clients: prestigious companies that trust us!

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